ReqIF’s XML overhead

XML formats can have a tendency to be a little bit verbose (the AUTOSAR exchange format can be an example for this). To get an impression on the overhead of the ReqIF standard, I fed a document from Project Gutenberg to our Requirements Modeling Framework (see Eclipse Proposal). Breaking down “Antarctic Penguins A Study of Their Social Habits” by George Murray Levick into one requirement per paragraph (what text would be better suited for an open source project than a text about penguins), results in a document with 636 requirements.

The original file size is 198936 bytes, the .reqif is 560221 bytes. That is an overhead of (560221-198936)/636 = 568 bytes per requirement.

The paragraph

is in XML:


In addition, to build an hierarchical structure, each requirement/paragaph needs to have a spec hierarchy.

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