Using Eclipse CDT for the Udacity Self Driving Cars Nanodegree C++ projects

There are a number of C/C++ IDEs that can be used for working on the Udacity SDCND C++ projects. This blog post contains a few tips for using Eclipse CDT to solve the Extended Kalman Filter project.

  1. Get Eclipse CDT. Either by downloading and installing it from the Eclipse Website or by using the setup from my last post.
  2. Checkout the project from github
  3. invoke cmake ..  -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug invoke cmake ..  -G “Eclipse CDT4 – Unix Makefiles” (in contrast to the documentation, I compile with debug)
  4. This creates a .cproject and .project in the build directory. Copy those one level higher.
  5. Import the project as existing project in Eclipse.
  6. I usually compile / run from the command line. Open a shell directly from Eclipse
  7. To run your code from within Eclipse or to debug from within Eclipse, use the context menu.
  8. Debug mode will stop in “main()”, to disable this. Click on the settings for your debug configuration:
    2018-01-20_16h38_53Goto the debugger tab and disable the option:

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