Travel Tips for EclipseCon France

EclipseCon France is one of my favourite conferences. If you are going, here are some tips:

  • I prefer to book a hotel in the city centre, e.g. near Jean Jaures ( A lot of the restaurants are within walking distance and there a lot of locations that you can use to meet with other participants.
  • There is a bus shuttle between the airport and the city centre (Jean Jaures) that also stops right in front of the EclipseCon venue. And it is reasonably priced.
  • Toulouse has a dense network of public bicycle rental stations. So instead of using the metro, you might want to choose to pedal your way to EclipseCon – it is within reasonable distance and there are bike stations in front of the venue and in near vicinity.
  • Although you will find Wifi at the venue and at hotels, I prefer the prepaid internet SIM by SFR or Orange. If you have a mobile wlan hotspot or you can use SIM cards in your notebook, that is my preferred option. Orange and SFR are both right at the city center. You can get a prepaid SIM easily – but bring a passport / ID card for registration.

Enjoy an interesting conference in a beautiful city in early summer!


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