AUTOSAR Requirements in Req-IF format

The AUTOSAR partnership provides the requirements that it collected for the AUTOSAR standard in Word format. These cannot only be used for the internal use for AUTOSAR, but also for tool providers. E.g., you want to make sure that you fullfil all the requirements when implementing an RTE.

However, traceability to your development artefacts is not really comfortable with a Word document. With our Word-Table-2-Req-IF importer we simply converted e.g. the AUTOSAR RTE requirements in Req-IF format.


Based on that import into Eclipse RMF, traceability is easily achieved with Yakindu CReMa to:

  • Implementations in C (e.g. for RTE code fragments)
  • Code Generators
  • Models and Model-Elements (e.g. UML)
  • Java-Implementations (e.g. to AUTOSAR tool implementations)
  • Any other artefacts, including word documents



Eclipse Con France 2013: Session Schedule of an automotive guy

Eclipse Con France 2013 is about to start in two days and it will be an interesting event for everyone interested in using Eclipse for the engineering of embedded systems.

Tuesday, June 4th

It will all start with the day before the actual Eclipse Con. On Tuesday we will have the

  • Meeting of the Automotive Industry Working Group in the morning, learning about the progress of the work-packages and new developments around automotive projects.
  • The joint meeting of the Automotive and Polarsys IWG will be held in the afternoon and we hope to find further synergies.

Wednesday, June 5th

  • OSLC tool integration tutorial: using linked data to support engineering lifecycle collaboration: OSLC is drawing a lot of interest for tool integration and this workshop will be a great opportunity to learn about OSLC and the Eclipse implementation, Lyco
  • The Humanist Perspective of Industry 4.0: Hans-Jürgen is a renowned consultant and innovative thinker in the automotive industry. His views on the future of the industry are always valuable.
  • Polarsys and LTS: Taming the maintenance and sustainability beasts: Long-term maintenance is an important issues and it will be good to hear about the latest developments.
  • Ignite Talks: Expecting some innovative and inspiring presentations.

Thursday, June 6th

  • Components are not enough: Function oriented development for embedded systems: Ok, I am biased, this is my talk
  • Sirius By Example: Build Your Own Diagram, Table and Tree Editors in 20 Minutes and Live collaborative modeling goes industrial:
    A great opportunity to learn about the Thales / Obeo activities and get an impression of the new Sirius project. I am interested in the collaboration aspects and how Sirius relates to Obeo Designer.

  • Adoption of Eclipse RCP to build Rich Graphical User Interfaces for the Space domain (ground segment systems): Though my current focus is more automotive, we do have customers in the space domain. This talk will be both an inspiration for that as well as a cross-domain inspiration for automotive.

  • The Requirements Modeling Framework – a puzzle piece for Eclipse-based Systems Engineering: Since we work closely together with Michael Jastram, I am especially happy to see a talk promoting RMF to the French Eclipse Community and to learn about Atos’ activities around RMF

  • Embedded Software Development with C for the next decade: JetBrains’ MPS/mbeddr could well be the modeling workbench of the future, removing the limits of parser based modeling tools by introducing projectional editing. It is not yet Eclipse-based, but they have a roadmap for that. Be prepared for some impressive demonstrations.

And an essential part of the Eclipse Con are the “coffee breaks”, where I am looking forward to the exchange with Obeo, Thales, Atos, Airbus, Xored, Eike Stepper, Protos and everybody else.