A Graphiti based EAST-ADL Editor

Funded by the BMBF

Funded by the BMBF

In the public funded research project IMES we are building a set of editors for the SW Development process in Automotive. Some of the blogs here describe the AUTOSAR editors. Before the actual software development, the engineering process uses function models to describe the functionality without having decided which parts of the function are implemented in software or hardware.

For those function models, we had defined our own simple meta-model. But since we prefer standards and the EATOP-project has released an EAST-ADL .ecore, I migrated the editors to use the EAST-ADL analysis function model.

In IMES, we are using a textual DSL (not Spray!) to describe the Graphiti based editors. That made the migration very easy. It consisted basically in

  • Generating the EMF plugins from the EATOP ecore
  • Adjusting the textual DSL describing the editor.

Finished. Time overall: Two hours.

We will need some additional time to integrate EEF, variant management etc., what we had already for our home-grown meta-model. But getting the editor ready was very quick.

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  1. The toolkit is not officially published and only available in consulting settings.

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