Favourites Tools for Eclipse Tool Development

Everyone has their own set of favourite tools for development. In our current work for customers and research projects, I have come to appreciate the following set of tools:


This is arguably my most favourite tool. It supports reloading of changed classes in the in your runtime Eclipse and thus shortens the turnaround considerably. According to the JRebel information, its more powerful than JVM Hot Swap. It really helps e.g. in changing Xtext validation and scoping without reload. Or for when developing Graphiti editors, the behavior of editing features, layout etc. does not require a restart.


Finding bugs in your code can be done with the debugger. However, stepping through the code is not always the most convenient approach. I still use debugging output by logging with Log4J. The Log4E tool (available through Eclipse marketplace) makes it easy to add the logging to methods, classes or even entire source directories.

Grep Console

When printing a lot of debug information, it might be hard to see errors or warning. Grep Console formats the output on the console according to a set of styles and some regular expressions.

Easy Shell

Adds context menus to the Explorer view that open a command line shell. Convenient for these cases, where I want to start a script.

Copyright Wizard

No source code file should be without a copyright header. Adding these manually is an annoying task which can be more easily done with Copyright Wizard. This little tool replaces / sets comments for different file formats.