Autosar Application Interfaces Diagrams with Graphiti and Artop

Funded by the BMBF

Funded by the BMBF

Autosar does not only define the basic software and the templates to exchange system information, it also defines blueprints for data types and software components in the vehicle. It provides software components etc. for body, power train, chassis etc. Although there is a number of pdfs, an Excel sheet and the Autosar XML, it is sometimes quite hard to find your way around the models without a graphical overview.

In the research project IMES, we are building a number of automotive related editors based on the Eclipse Graphiti framework to demonstrate an integrated tool chain and I have been using these to find my way around the application interfaces lately.

The editor is based on the Artop framework, which is available to members of Autosar and provides the basic infrastructure framework to build Autosar tooling upon. The application interfaces are imported by just copying the files that are provided at to the workspace

Then, for any Autosar package, we can create a new diagram. Elements are just added by dragging from the Autosar treeview on the left.

For convenience, all the ports can just be added with a single pop up menu.

Required ports are per default on the left, provided on the right. But they can be dragged on any side and will always point in the right direction (i.e. provided will alway point outside, even if on the top or bottom border).


Right now it seems that Artop faces a problems with the connectors that are specified in the provided .arxml. As soon as that is clarified, we will have automatically drawn connections, too.


4 thoughts on “Autosar Application Interfaces Diagrams with Graphiti and Artop

  1. Where can we get a sample of this project (a beta version…).
    With graphiti plugin for autosar, there is not any autosar stuff

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