New AUTOSAR Open Source Initiative from Asia – TOPPERS

Relatively unnoticed by the Western industry, a lot of interesting activities in (automotive) software engineering are currently being launched in Asia.

During the China Automotive Forum, the Toppers team from Japan announced their plans to build an open source AUTOSAR basic software based on the Toppers OS. The chinese announcement can be found as a PDF here, titled “The current state of developing an AUTOSAR-compliant open-source OS”.

Basically, they currently have a OSEK/VDX operating system called “TOPPERS/ATK1” that is reported to be used in several of Suzuki’s cars. It is described as MODISTARC and MISRA-C complient, supporting a CAN/LIN middleware and a FlexRay add-on.

The project goal is to “make public the source code” in 2012 under the label “TOPPERS/ATK2”. In the “basic phase” during 2008 until 2010, the project dealt with an AUTOSAR OS (AUTOSAR SC1 to SC3) and multi-core.

Listed participating parties are, amongst others: Toshiba, Renesas, Toyota, Fuji Soft and Denso . There seem to be around 12 technical personnel from the companies involved and about 8 professors and researches from Nagoya university.

The current research phase is from April 2011 until Mar 2012. Depending on the results of this phase, the continuation of the project will be determined. It seems that except for the verification suite, which will be only released to members, other projects results will be released as open source.

Mentioned problematic aspects are the vast size of the standard, which requires a lot of implementation effort, the new multicore aspects and the efforts required to get a grasp of the standard.




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