Installing Trufun UML Plato Free Edition

Last year I had already mentioned a free chinese UML tool in articles etc. I think it could be worthwhile investigating. However, since the website is all in Chinese, finding and downloading it is a problem for most Western people. Which is a pity, since the tool itself has both a Chinese and an English user interface.

The Home Page of Trufun is , downloads are at The tools are based on Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo), but I just installed the Update-Version in Helios and it seems to run fine. Download and extract it into your Eclipse installation.

After starting your Eclipse, you are asked to update to the latest version. Don’t do this, this didn’t work on my installation. You can create new models with New->Other->Trufun UML Modeling.

Trufun stores its models as .tmx, which is a variant of uml2tools’ .uml format and can be converted with some tricks, so you can use Xpand etc. to use Xpand, Acceleo and other tools on the model. I will write about that in a later post.

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