Eclipse Automotive Industry Working Group Invitation

The Eclipse Automotive Industry Working Group is meeting again next Monday at Kugler-Maag offices in Kornwestheim near Stuttgart. The Automotive IWG defines its goals as:

  • To provide an infrastructure for tool development required by the automotive industry
  • To address and support the needs for the whole automotive software development cycle
  • To avoid that the same non-competitive basic tool functionality is redeveloped over and over again
  • To join forces and meet current and future requirements in terms of tool runtime performance and memory consumption

We started with a high number of participants in 2008, then 2009 came and meeting participation declined due to budget cuts in the industry. It is good to see that we are gaining drive again. The recent meetings were attended by major 1st tiers, an OEM (with others expressing interest, but still being constrained), the Eclipse Foundation, itemis, Geensys and Kugler-Maag (have I forgotten anyone).

We invite 1st-tiers and OEMs and other companies that see Eclipse as an important factor for their tooling to attend the working group (again, if you were there at 2008). Contact me or Ralph Müller at the Eclipse Foundation if you would like to attend. You can also use the web page above for registering.