Xtext and Papyrus / UML

The Papyrus team are doing a great job integrating Textual DSLs with graphical modelings. I am happy that we could help them a bit in integrating Xtext with their modeling tool. The combination solves several usability glitches that I hated in all modeling tools: Adding attributes through a property sheet is cumbersome.

I have created a short video to demo how the current nightly build of Papyrus supports the editing of ports nicely (Update: by the use of ANTLR, next versions will use Xtext, which is also based on ANTLE). If you choose to edit a port, you get a textual editor with syntax highlighting and content assist (and content assist knows about your UML model!)
Great job, Papyrus team!

Grab your nightly build at: https://build.eclipse.org/hudson/job/cbi-papyrus-0.7-nightly/

Soon coming: A blog entry about how we integrate Xtext to bring more formal notations into requirements engineering.

10 thoughts on “Xtext and Papyrus / UML

  1. Thanks for publishing this info Andreas. This indeed is a great move by Papyrus guys. Just want to point out that the feature in the video above is achieved by ANTLR. The Papyrus guys want to get rid of this in the next version and have a Xtext integration instead. This would be an inline Xtext editor within the diagram. They have progressed quite well in this direction as far as I saw in the last demo by the Papyrus team.

  2. Hello
    please answer my question
    if possible,how can i specify the message syntax between lifelines using Papyrus
    because when i read through specification i notice the following
    clarify it by an examples
    thank you

  3. Hello Mr. Andreas,
    thank you very much for reply and taking the time to read my comment.
    i asked you because Papyrus forum not answer and i am looking for answer to this question since two weeks ago
    and if you don’t have time to answer my question Please,let me know about another active forum or another person i can ask him about Papyrus
    your response regard this matter is highly appreciated

  4. Hello Safa,

    the Papyrus forum on eclipse.org is the only recommendation that I can give, I am afraid.



  5. Hello Mr. Andreas,
    why you are afraid?
    it seems that helping a student with simple information made you afraid ?
    I am looking for simple information and someone guide me because i study with my self (self-studying)no one no more no less?
    However ,this is your right and i should respect that,thank you and Please accept our deepest apologies for any distress caused to you.

  6. Hi Safa, from better-english.com: “We use * I’m afraid* when we are giving a response which is unhelpful but the reason is outside our control. It means something like “I would help you if I could, but I can’t”.”

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