MDSD – a trend in Asia, too

I have been following the development / adoption of MDSD in China for a while. The blogging community does not seem to be as active as in Europe, since there are only a few blogs where MDSD is addressed and the search engine hits for MDSD in Chinese often refer to articles about MDA from the mid 200x.

However, there is more activity in print. Having discovered a chinese websearch for magazine research ( I was interested in a little statistics and tracked the number of published articles on “model driven” (模型驱动).

Another keyword that yields a lot of result is MDA.  One of our main points of focus in European business, the use of domain specific languages is not yet a major subject in Chinese magazines. Searches result 2-3 hits in 2008 and 2009. It will be interesting to watch the future trends. The chinese already have produced one of the nicer UML tools based on Eclipse (

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