Eclipse Summit Europe: Lightweight Model-Driven Development for Embedded Systems

I am happy that the talk that Markus Völter and I submitted for the Eclipse Summit Europe 2009 has been accepted.

Wednesday, 14:20, 40 minutes | Room 6
Model driven development and code generation is relatively widespread in the development of embedded systems. However, usually, large and expensive UML-based real-time modeling tools are used, typically in conjunction with their own runtime environment. To make this approach scale down to smaller, more agile environments, a more lightweight and flexible approach is needed. In this talk, we show how the Textual Modeling Framework, the Xpand code generation engine and a couple of utilities for managing product line variability in models can be used to develop embedded systems. Architects develop their own domain specific language and code generator, to make sure the abstractions and the generated code fit their needs on the target platform. The talk uses a minimum of slides and is based mostly on a realistic example, showing the DSL, the code generator and the way we’ve built it. — Note: the attached slides are based on a related talk. They will be adapted slightly to fit the proposed session better. But the provide a realistic estimate for style, amount and content.

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