OSEE Installation

I have (almost) got OSEE up and running. The installation was quite fast following the instructions from Microdoc .

After installing, don’t forget to follow the additional steps (I overlooked that at first).

The .sh extension in runServer-PgSqlLocalAll.sh should be changed to .bat before execution.

To find the “Populate Demo” action mentioned in the installation guide, use the filter of the ATS navigator. Just type “demo” and you’ll find that. The only problem I encountered was a strange error message while populating the data. However, there is some data in there.

Have a look at the tutorial!


However, I missed information on editing the “Relations” of Artifacts / Requirements. It is easy: Double click on the artifact and select the “Relations tab”. Then just drag’n’drop the artifacts onto the relation.

You’ll probably want to have a look in the newsgroup.