Chinese Dictionary for Android (T-Mobile G1): Lianghao Cidian

One of the nicest use of mobile devices to me are dictionaries. But most of the time, a good Chinese dictionary is hard to find. So since the times of the Psion 3c, I have been writing those on the basis of CEDICT myself. Right now I published a Chinese->English Dictionary on Android Market for free – look for “Lianghao” on the market. No dictionary was available and I wanted one that could be used with one hand, so that you can hold a book or magazine in the other.

Much has changed from the times of Psion 3c. At that time, no chinese font was installed and I had to to the rendering of the characters. UTF-8 was not in use, and it was conversion hell with GB. Most of the data had to be preprocessed to no end, since Psion 3c’s basic was no too fast (I was unable to purchase a C SDK).

Doing a dict for the Zaurus was more fun. More CPU power and GUIs with Qtopia.

But Android coding is real fun. If you want to have a peek at the dictionary, I will put up a flash movie on during the next few days.

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